Searching for a Baby

Once upon a time, there lived a mummy t-rex who was looking for her baby. She had come back from a long hunting trek to find the nest empty, aside from the egg shells from where he had hatched just a few days ago. He was a very lovely little thing and mummy t-rex was looking forward to seeing him grow up and enjoy life. So she was naturally very worried when she found out he had gone missing.

Luckily, she found his tiny little footprints leading through the jungle, and she followed him as best she could, breaking down trees and scaring away other dinosaurs and other animals on the way. Most animals would run away from her, even if she wasn’t hunting them. Even if they were too small to be hunted! But she understood. Once, a whole pack of raptors had been in her territory and she knew better than to mess with raptors so she fled, even though they weren’t hunting her.

She followed the tracks all the way to a large, open field, a field she knew well as a place a lot of herbivores gathered. She wondered what had brought her little baby here, whether or not he was hungry and contemplated hunting something so when she found him he would be fed. But all she could see were baby dinosaurs, and they wouldn’t fill her up enough to be worth hunting for the both of them.

Just then, she saw a very large pterosaur flying overhead and land about a mile away near a tree. She thought she recognised the pterosaur as one of the pterosaur she had tried to hunt a few days ago. She had failed to catch him, as she usually failed to catch pterosaurs, but had accidentally stomped on his nest. She had felt bad about it, as there was no benefit for her in stomping on pterosaur eggs. She wouldn’t get any food, after all.

The pterosaur was in the air again and she thought she could see something on its back, but her eyesight wasn’t that good and she couldn’t tell. The further it flew, the harder it was to see. She wondered if her baby could see the pterosaur from wherever he was. It was really flying faster now, and then whatever it had been that was on its back had fallen off, and was falling quite dramatically. Falling faster, faster, closer, closer and then that’s when she saw it. The falling figure of a tiny, baby t-rex. Her baby t-rex. She tried to run to catch him and called out his name, but her little arms wouldn’t be able to catch him, and instead she watched as her little baby fell.

And nobody caught the baby t-rex.

The end.


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