I’d say it was because I’m a night owl, but I don’t have wings

I’ve been attempting to develop a habit of getting up at 7am every day. Here’s what the process has looked like so far:

10pm: I should probably go to bed if I want to get up earl- ooh, look, new games / a cool blog / book / something to write etc

3am: Okay, I’m pretty tired now, I’ll go to bed and will just have to suffer sleepiness through the morning

7am: *alarm goes off* Guh. That thing can get turned off, I’m going back to sleep.

3pm: *wakes up* … Dammit.

This has happened a couple of nights in a row. It is now 1am. I am going to sleep before the sleep demons get me and I WILL get up and get ready for the day at 7am or else there will be pain and suffering!


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