The Average-to-Middling Spider Man

Me and the boy watched The Amazing Spiderman last night. It wasn’t THAT amazing. It was probably better, in some ways, than the one with Toby Maguire in it, except the guy who played Spiderman wasn’t that cute, except when he was being nervous. Because that’s how you judge the quality of actors. By their cuteness factor.

Actually, I can’t decide which one I liked more (I’m talking about movies now, not actors). I could totally do a lame thing here and start pretending I’m a huge comic book geek who’s read all the comics, but that would be a lie. The only thing I know about spiderman is that he lives with his aunt and uncle, he got bitten by a spider, his uncle died and he now he likes to chase bad guys. And usually he likes girls called Mary Jane except in the new movie there was no Mary Jane, and I don’t know who this new chick is, but eh, she’s kind of confusing. When she wasn’t wearing incredibly short skirts and attempting to be the sexy scientist, she was kind of endearing.

On a serious note, the storytelling of this one was kind of odd. There were scenes that didn’t feel all that useful. Maybe it was setting it up for the sequel or something? Eh. I guess it was more gritty, but Peter just ended up coming across cocky and arrogant. When he wasn’t trying to be super nervous, that is.

Dear Sarah, this blog is not a place for you to rant about other peoples stories. Love, you.


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