Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a 20-something humanoid from planet Earth. We probably have a lot in common.

I came into this universe at 10:10 sometime in the evening of a sunny July and proceeded to cry very loudly though cheered up immensely when I learnt there was free milk. Over the next few years, I proceeded to learn a considerable number of activities such as knock over building blocks, fall down a lot as well as form a bond with the people I would later refer to as “mama” and “dada”.

I’ve grown up a lot since then, have evolved into a fully fledged dinosaur, although I still fall down a lot.

If you’re wondering what kind of dinosaur I am, I’m a trisarahtops. My humour, it it kills thousands.

I also have a blog where I pretend I know more about story than I actually do, and because I like to stay consistent in naming, it’s called The Storysaurus. Another dinosaur, see?! I’m far too excited about this. And my other other blog, where I write about much more serious and probably more interesting things relating to making your life better and becoming an awesome human being, can be found here: Everyday An Adventure.

One day, I’ll just have one blog and my life will be much easier to follow. Honest.


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