The jokes are getting worse

More disasters in the land of Sarah’s kitchen; this time… Jacket potatoes! You’d think baking potatoes would be painfully easy right? Well, nothing is too easy for Sarah the Dinosaur, who managed to wrap the potato up in too-much tin foil, put it in a pyrex dish which prevented the heat from actually getting to it and then microwaving it for not enough time so it still came out raw. Ah well, it was still tasty (I microwaved it for longer after that, don’t worry).

Christmas joke of the day:

Q: What did baby corn say to mama corn?
A: Where’s pop corn?


Yoga and eggs, a magical combination

I was all ready to write this post about the hilarity of me doing yoga, but I actually found that yoga is fun! I did three sun salutations which are basically super beginners yoga. It was kind of amusing, seeing as one of the positions was supposed to look like this:


And ended up looking like this:


Very elegant.

So, instead of getting to laugh at me about yoga, laugh at me because I am apparently incapable of poaching an egg. This is the way I’ve been taught how to do it for years:

Boil water. Stir the water around in a circle until you’ve got a mini water-tornado or whatever those things are called. Crack an egg into the centre and the water will spin the egg around while cooking it to make a nicely made poached egg. Yum.

Whenever I use this way, here’s what happens:

Boil water. Stir the water around in a circle until mini water-tornado appears. Crack an egg into the centre and the entire egg expands throughout the water and I end up with frothy egg white all over the place and this tiny bit of poached-yolk. Not quite as yum.

So my boyfriend decided to teach me a new method of poaching eggs. It went well, sort of, except I had no idea whether or not the egg was cooked so had to keep asking Mike ‘is it ready now? How about now?’. This method of poaching eggs had me floating the egg in a little container, but we don’t have any little containers that won’t melt in boiling water, so I used a heat-proof ladle instead. Because it was heat proof, it took ages to actually cook the egg and so the actual process of cooking involved me standing there for 15 minutes attempting to get everything else ready with one hand because the other hand had to hold the ladle.

Tomorrow I think I’ll stick to boiled eggs…

Christmas joke of the day (in case you’d thought I’d forgotten):

Q: What happens when you drop a snowball into a glass of water?
A: It gets wet!

Comedy. Gold.

I’d say it was because I’m a night owl, but I don’t have wings

I’ve been attempting to develop a habit of getting up at 7am every day. Here’s what the process has looked like so far:

10pm: I should probably go to bed if I want to get up earl- ooh, look, new games / a cool blog / book / something to write etc

3am: Okay, I’m pretty tired now, I’ll go to bed and will just have to suffer sleepiness through the morning

7am: *alarm goes off* Guh. That thing can get turned off, I’m going back to sleep.

3pm: *wakes up* … Dammit.

This has happened a couple of nights in a row. It is now 1am. I am going to sleep before the sleep demons get me and I WILL get up and get ready for the day at 7am or else there will be pain and suffering!