I’d say it was because I’m a night owl, but I don’t have wings

I’ve been attempting to develop a habit of getting up at 7am every day. Here’s what the process has looked like so far:

10pm: I should probably go to bed if I want to get up earl- ooh, look, new games / a cool blog / book / something to write etc

3am: Okay, I’m pretty tired now, I’ll go to bed and will just have to suffer sleepiness through the morning

7am: *alarm goes off* Guh. That thing can get turned off, I’m going back to sleep.

3pm: *wakes up* … Dammit.

This has happened a couple of nights in a row. It is now 1am. I am going to sleep before the sleep demons get me and I WILL get up and get ready for the day at 7am or else there will be pain and suffering!


Random waste of time

I hit 38k on NaNoWriMo today, which was a bonus goal! I was only aiming for 2.5k but ended up pushing out an extra 500 words. Major woohoo!

I should probably do something more interesting with this blog. All I do is write about NaNoWriMo! I say all I do, despite the fact that I’ve only had this blog for, erm, 3 days.

Because of that, here’s a photograph of me, in order to put a face to the name.


Searching for a Baby

Once upon a time, there lived a mummy t-rex who was looking for her baby. She had come back from a long hunting trek to find the nest empty, aside from the egg shells from where he had hatched just a few days ago. He was a very lovely little thing and mummy t-rex was looking forward to seeing him grow up and enjoy life. So she was naturally very worried when she found out he had gone missing.

Luckily, she found his tiny little footprints leading through the jungle, and she followed him as best she could, breaking down trees and scaring away other dinosaurs and other animals on the way. Most animals would run away from her, even if she wasn’t hunting them. Even if they were too small to be hunted! But she understood. Once, a whole pack of raptors had been in her territory and she knew better than to mess with raptors so she fled, even though they weren’t hunting her.

She followed the tracks all the way to a large, open field, a field she knew well as a place a lot of herbivores gathered. She wondered what had brought her little baby here, whether or not he was hungry and contemplated hunting something so when she found him he would be fed. But all she could see were baby dinosaurs, and they wouldn’t fill her up enough to be worth hunting for the both of them.

Just then, she saw a very large pterosaur flying overhead and land about a mile away near a tree. She thought she recognised the pterosaur as one of the pterosaur she had tried to hunt a few days ago. She had failed to catch him, as she usually failed to catch pterosaurs, but had accidentally stomped on his nest. She had felt bad about it, as there was no benefit for her in stomping on pterosaur eggs. She wouldn’t get any food, after all.

The pterosaur was in the air again and she thought she could see something on its back, but her eyesight wasn’t that good and she couldn’t tell. The further it flew, the harder it was to see. She wondered if her baby could see the pterosaur from wherever he was. It was really flying faster now, and then whatever it had been that was on its back had fallen off, and was falling quite dramatically. Falling faster, faster, closer, closer and then that’s when she saw it. The falling figure of a tiny, baby t-rex. Her baby t-rex. She tried to run to catch him and called out his name, but her little arms wouldn’t be able to catch him, and instead she watched as her little baby fell.

And nobody caught the baby t-rex.

The end.

In which I increase the bar I set for myself

I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to reach 70k by the end of NaNoWriMo. I’ve just hit 35k, I can hit 50k this time next week if I write 2,200 words a day and that’s less than my daily average anyway. That gives me another ten days to write more. So I’m going to try for an extra 20k.

This is kind of nerve wracking, but I’m totally gonna attempt to do this. My first goal is to reach 50k, and then pace myself to get 70k by the end of the month. I’ve got a free day tomorrow so that gives me plenty of time to crank out as many words as possible and I may even head out to the library to give myself some time out of the house in order to focus.

Whee, I’m excited! I had no idea what the plot of TTL was going to be before this month and now I’m speeding through it, have an outline on the wall and feel pretty confident about it. Once the month is over I can work through creating an actual first draft (the one I’m doing right now is a zero draft) and start making this story really awesome. I hope people enjoy it once it’s finally out!

Lots of story related stuff

I hope you liked the random little sad story I wrote here earlier. I’ve written a “part 2” that I’ll publish tomorrow. It was something I wrote while feeling frustrated and published it without editing. That’s something perhaps I’ll do bit by bit, publish little things here and there. This blog is really just a place for me to express myself and see what happens. I’ll share other bits and pieces along the way!

For example, here’s a photograph of something I’ve been working on:

This is my story wall, it’s a bunch of index cards blue tacked onto the wall that basically serves as the outline for Third Time Lucky, the story that I’ve been writing for NaNoWriMo. You can’t see what’s written on the cards because I’m withholding information to convince you to buy the book when it’s released 😉 But I hope the general idea makes sense. It’s really helped me understand the plot, figure out what I’m writing and what will happen next if I get stuck. I’ve already strayed a little from the path, but that’s okay. I’ll just write up a new one.

I need to get back to writing for NaNoWriMo now, I have 2,000 words to write before the end of the day, and I also need to do my studying! Lots of stuff to do.

The Lost Little Baby

Once upon a time there lived a baby dinosaur who had lost his mother. He was a baby t-rex, and everyone knows that all the other dinosaurs hated t-rex because they had this annoying habit of eating other dinosaurs. But the baby t-rex wasn’t interested in eating anybody, he just wanted to find his mother.

He walked for a long time, out of his nest where he had hatched a few days before, all the way through the jungle, over the tree roots and under the giant brown leaves that would fall on his head, until he reached an open stretch of grass that seemed to go on for miles.

“Maybe my mummy is in here.” he said to himself. So he wandered into the field. A few steps in and t-rex saw another baby dinosaur, although he didn’t know what it was called. It had three horns sticking out of its face and walked on all fours. T-rex thought this new dinosaur looked a little bit silly, but put that out of his mind.

“Excuse me,” He called out politely, “have you seen my mummy?”

But the baby three-horned dinosaur just looked at the baby t-rex in a panic and ran away. “Well that was rude.” He said to no one in particular. And he kept walking through the field. A little while later and he found another baby dinosaur, only this one walked on two legs like he did. It was eating with a large duck like beak, scoffing the leaves that had fallen on the ground by a large tree, and didn’t panic or run away when he approached it like the three-horn had.

“Excuse me,” He called again, “have you seen my mummy?”

The duck beaked baby dinosaur looked at him and chewed slowly on its leaf.

“I don’t think so.” It said, and the t-rex knew from how it spoke that it was a girl. “I think I would probably run away if I did.”

“Why?” T-rex asked, confused. “Why would anyone want to run away from my mummy? She’s very lovely.”

The duck beaked baby dinosaur rolled her eyes at the t-rex and bent down to eat another leaf. “She might be lovely to you,” she said, chewing gently, “but she would think I’m as tasty as I think these leaves are.”

“Don’t be silly,” The baby t-rex replied, feeling hurt. “my mummy wouldn’t do that. She only eats dead things, and so do I. If you won’t help me find my mummy I’ll find her on my own.”

And the t-rex carried on throughout the field, looking for his mother. But the day was getting on and the sun was quite high in the sky and he still hadn’t found her. And his tummy was starting to rumble quite noisily.

“Maybe I’ll never find my mummy.” He said and sat down in the shade of another tree glumly.

“I could help you find your mother.” A voice said suddenly from above him, and he looked up to see a very large something he had never seen before, a huge creature with big wings and a great big sharp beak! The baby t-rex almost fell over in shock!

“Are you a dinosaur?” He asked as he managed to calm himself down. The great big creature shook its head.

“I’m a pterosaur.” The creature replied, “Although lots of people call me a flying dinosaur.”

“I’m a t-rex.” The baby t-rex replied, “Although lots of people don’t like them much it seems.”

“No, well, t-rex usually eat other dinosaurs. I couldn’t imagine many others liking your kind much. Would you like help finding your mother or not?”

The t-rex nodded and the pterosaur landed softly on the ground in front of him. The t-rex climbed awkwardly onto the pterosaur’s back and they flew into the air. The view from up here was splendid and the t-rex admired it in awe. What an amazing world this pterosaur had brought him into! Full of beauty and wonder, all from hundreds of feet up.

Hundreds of feet up? Suddenly the t-rex started to panic a little. He was much further up in the air than he would’ve liked, and felt very nervous. He only had little arms so wasn’t able to hold on particularly well. But the pterosaur seemed to be speeding up.

“Excuse me,” The baby t-rex called, “could you slow down just a little? I’m finding it a little bit hard to hold on.”

But the pterosaur ignored the little t-rex’s plea, and sped up even more. The third time the baby t-rex called though, his voice was lost in the air, because he was suddenly falling down, down, down. He thought he heard his mother calling him as he fell, and he closed his eyes to try to hear better…

But nobody caught the little baby t-rex.

NaNoWriMo and other tomfoolery

Honestly I’m just updating this right now because I have nothing better to do. I’ve done all my jobs, I’ve studied all my studies, I’ve attacked a giant octopus and done most of my writing nonsense.

Here’s my favourite thing that I’ve written this month for NaNoWriMo, in order to have an actual point to this post:

“Mr Stevenson was wrong about Lyra, though: She didn’t grow out of anything but her clothes.”

Yup, out the entire 33k I’ve written this month, that’s my favourite line so far. It’s not bad or anything, it’s just kind of disappointing that out of all those words, just a sentence makes me happy. But, well, that’s NaNoWriMo for you! A whole month dedicated to writing complete rubbish in order to get a sort of story told.

Maybe I’ll add this random nonsense to my wordcount.

In other unrelated news, look!


This is what I’m currently trying to read. It’s hard to read when you’re falling asleep.

Okay, I’m going to attempt to go to bed now. Goodnight!